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anyone know how to reach sscrewdriver?  they were on lj and i found them on deviant art, but neither have been updated for a long while and private messages/comments are unanswered.  i'd like to ask to have abp_meta comm on lj transfered to someone else as theyre no longer in the fandom.

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Jul. 15th, 2017 03:34 am
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can't believe i didnt see/comment on this first time around.... from a comment in the ABP_meta group...

really cant wait to get posting again... ten yr anniversary for last update, fifteenth for first book's first chapter.... mostly i'm slowed by pain and insomina and watching over bug when they have multiple day long seizures b/c the effing hospital thinks  temporal lobe manifestations are just people ODing on opiates or trying to get some.  Trying to finish basic website layout/server and doing some clean up on the published fics, with new chapter within yr.  thats my goal/focus.  once i get the new site software running i'll prolly take a 'break' and do a Q&A  to help readers catch up after the long hiatus. violations?

Jul. 14th, 2017 09:03 pm
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so is copying my material, even though some of it is original and ignoring robots.txt (their faqs claim they dont have to).  pissed off doesnt even begin to describe their blatent disregard for authors, artists, copyright, personal safety, etc.

any one dealt with them before and getting stuff removed?

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oh man, this makes me sad... not getting a negative review, but the 'cause' for it.  What are they failing to teach kids in school these days?  They're complaining about not understanding stuff  learned in effing junior high!

its a pastiche... in the style of ancient mesopotamian stories.  You don't have to like the style, but thats completely seperate from if the authour managed to replicate the style effectively or not  (eg: 1/5 because i dont like the style, but 4/5 for execution and adherance to original style) There is TON of repetition and their own style of prose/poetry, not to mention that  lacuna or missing fragments is a common (and honest) fearure of translations from such long dead languages ... and as a computer programmer i know that sometimes disks/drives can be damaged in such a way that bits are missing here and there.  Recovering data, from damaged disks or ancient cuniform tablets is no easy feat, and just getting some of it, enough to understand it, despite the lacuna, is a great achievement.

  • but its too hard to read because it was too stylistic and bad at it .
  • but the author failed to 'recover' the lost fic because of all thé missing parts.
  • the lacuna makes it a 'WIP' 
  • they just threw together ideas with no direction (i fucking followed the gilgamesh plot near-exactly, starting from the scorpian scene)
  • i havent read it, but don't rec it. (my favourite kind of review!).

FFS, try reading the source text, Gardner's Gilgamesh being a decent one for the unitiated i think, and which i used as a refrence for writing, along with a collected book on stories from the setting and Ishtar ones, but googlimg 'gilgamesh + text' will pop up some older versions, some which try to fill in or skip the lacuna, others use '........' to indicate lacuna etc, and some try to modernise the style, but as i was writing for someone with interest in the subject, i went with what was the closer imho reading.  Anyway, if you get Gardner's book, note the style, note the lacuna, note the footnotes about the discovery, translation and words that no one agrees the meaning for...(Dead language meta...just was was Voldemort's 'Wawu'?).  The very epic of Gilgamesh is about a man's hopeless quest for immortality (and other things, Voldie wouldnt understand really, and evidently, neither do a lot of fans who dont seem to have read anything other than badly written modern fantasy)

And i see even the fannish meta went right over their heads ::eyeroll::  like Mrs Bough being killed by an anvil after arguing about the believability of canon pairings ("[re Ron and Hermioned]" I do feel that I have dropped heavy – hints. ANVIL-sized, actually, hints, prior to this point. ). or about fanfic forming a new mythos, in which, through various incarnations, from DE orgies to Prada suits, Voldie does obtain a sort of immortality, just not the kind he was intending.  (second pargraph of fic)

I don't care if feedback is positive, negative or so-so... but back it up! 

i'd love to how, for example,if i  succeeded or even failed at pastiche etc.   But you can't make a coherent attempt at feedback that can be of any use to the author, or to potential readers, if you criticise or praise patiche (or any other style) without having a clue about what it is or what the original work was like.  Complaining about their own ignorance as my failing doesn't tell me about my writing or how to improve; it doesnt tell readers what to expect, or how to approach the fic.  It does  tell me about their ignorance and their inability to recognise/learn... i'd have thought someone interested in a fic that incorporates a mythos or culture or literary tradition etc one was unfamiliar with would, you know, do a little googling to figure it our before revealing one's ignorance to the internet. 

Is this why they expressed that they were doubtful of anything posted to livejournal... to many educated people in the journal communities?  stick with the like minded uneducated so you can appear to be, and think you are, smart, and never have to question your ignorances or biases.... (oh how much ive learned on LJ and DW, i have to make a post about that one day, a sorta general thankyou to all the, many i dont recall names of, who educated me on so many things soon as i realised shutting my mouth and listening would take me farther in understand other people and the world.)

anyway, i'm guess i'm lucky they didnt try reading the Gertrude Stein crossover pactiche; it  most likely  would have got negative stars, lol!

example from a public domain text, though i like Gardener's better....

Urshanabi arrived at the Waters of Death.
Urshanabi said to Gilgamesh:
"Hold back, Gilgamesh, take a punting pole,
but your hand must not pass over the Waters of Death ... !
Take a second, Gilgamesh, a third, and a fourth pole,
take a fifth, Gilgamesh, a sixth, and a seventh pole,
take an eighth, Gilgamesh, a ninth, and a tenth pole,
take an eleventh, Gilgamesh, and a twelfth pole!"
In twice 60 rods Gilgamesh had used up the punting poles.
Then he loosened his waist-cloth(?) for...
Gilgamesh stripped off his garment
and held it up on the mast(!) with his arms.
Utanapishtim was gazing off into the distance,
puzzling to himself he said, wondering to himself:
"Why are 'the stone things' of the boat smashed to pieces!
And why is someone not its master sailing on it?
The one who is coming is not a man of mine, ...

I keep looking but not...
I keep looking but not ...
I keep looking..."

[lines are missing here.]

Utanapishtim said to Gilgamesh:
"Why are your cheeks emaciated, your expression desolate!
Why is your heart so wretched, your features so haggard!
Why is there such sadness deep within you!
Why do you look like one who has been traveling a long distance
so that ice and heat have seared your face!
... you roam the wilderness!"

Gilgamesh spoke to Utanapishtim saying:
"Should not my cheeks be emaciated, my expression desolate!
Should my heart not be wretched, my features not haggard!
Should there not be sadness deep within me!
Should I not look like one who has been traveling a long distance,
and should ice and heat not have seared my face!
... should I not roam the wilderness)

Hey, so I'm still here

Jul. 13th, 2017 09:26 am
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So, here's a potted summary of stuff, I'll probably forget some things and may update as necessary.

* We have given up Hill End, for good. My furniture should arrive today and be put for the most part into Mum's new shed, in case it's needed in the future. I'd like to say I'm gutted about losing it, but to be honest, I'm just glad it's over. It was such a stress trigger for the past three or so years that hopefully, I'll be able to step back from it now and move on.

* My mental health has not been good. My anxiety has been super bad. Got six sessions with a psych, eventually, which was... ineffective at best. She was not a bad person, just not what I needed. I'm moving on, on my own. I have plans that aren't conventional, but then, I need something outside the conventional. I am implementing some longterm goals.

- Books: Read more, buy less, ditch the baggage (Have begun on this with the best of intentions at author surname AA - Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch)
- Try to get back into exercising (I've put back on about 6kg)
- Seek adult ADHD dx (I need this. Having a self-dx is no longer enough. I need professional support and guidance. For now, reading You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy 2nd Ed and have Delivered From Distraction waiting in the wings.)
- Colouring in (I know it's a trope and the world has moved on, but I used to draw and colour ALL THE TIME to cope, all through school and into my early adulthood and just starting on a page in a book I paid under $20 for was so hard that I know it's important for me to work this back into my life.)
- Write. (I've begun what may be an autobiographical novel or may just be me writing out the noise that's in my head. It's unclear yet if it's something I ever tidy up and show anyone, but showing it's the point of it, right now.)
- Knit. I recently delivered a whole bunch of knit stuff to Wayside Chapel, and am continuing to knit more. I know it sounds strange, but I need to knit, and knitting for charity means I can do the thing without wondering where I'm going to keep it all. Also, long term goal of stashbusting.
- Tarot. (I know this sounds weird, but I know it's a way that I can use. For me, tarot has never been about magic, it's about finding answers and direction within yourself. It's about focusing in on a particular thing you might otherwise overlook without a prompt. I was on the lookout for my tarot cards, which I'd owned since I was in my teens. When I found them, they'd been destroyed. Completely unusable. So I knew I wanted to replace them. I managed to find a set identical to mine on eBay, which, great, but I also found another set, a newer, completely different set, that called to me-as-I-am-now the way the old set had called to me-as-a-teen. So, after some discussion, I have ordered both. Mum is paying for them, as it was her neglect of my belongings that led to the destruction of the old set and so many of my other things. They should both arrive early next month. My old set was the Celtic Dragon Tarot. The new is the Wild Unknown Tarot. They're both incredibly beautiful, slightly unconventional decks that have art that sings to me and should hopefully help me in my life. I'm not at this moment planning on buying more, but ones I also covet are the Welcome To Night Vale Tarot, the Earthbound Oracle and the Next World Tarot. So gorgeous.)

* Have been watching a bunch of Vera (we have the season 1-6 box set) in anticipation of season 7 on Foxtel. Also have box sets waiting of Agents of SHIELD 2-3, Once Upon A Time 4-5, and a bunch of other films and Marvel stuff to watch. Feeling more open to new stuff, now, since the anxiety is bearable right now. I loved Wonder Woman, and am definitely buying it on release, in steelbook if they have one. We haven't seen Spider-Man yet - we're waiting on pay day.

* The animals are all doing okay. Pip is old and arthritic, but isn't so underweight as he was around Christmas. The boy kittens are up for desexing in the next week or so, as we have discount certificates for them as part of a drive by the Animal Welfare League. They're sleek and affectionate and Sam in particular loves cuddles and purring really loudly. We think they're about eight months old. Nick, their mother, is fat! Fluffy, but also fat. We're having to watch how much food we put down in a day, because she'll scoff the lot. I feel better about her being fat than I did about her starving in our front garden, as she was until about February, when she relocated to the back yard.

* The tomatoes are still alive, but fruiting less now that the winter's fully here. The nasturtium is still vigorous, the chillis are delicious, the kale is too little to harvest yet and the rhubarb needs using, because it's loevly, and I keep forgetting. The sage is beautiful and the lavender I thought I'd killed in the summer is thriving. We have so much citrus fruit. Lemons and blood oranges, limes and makrut limes, and so many mandarins it's silly. I must make marmalade or citrus butter or something.

* Emma has had bad days and better days and bad patches that she's just had to wait out or slog through. She's got back into hydrotherapy, which is good, and has a great GP right now, which is getting the ball rolling on a lot of things she's needed for decades, but those things are stressful in their own way, too. She's had to be dealing with my problems, too, which I know she doesn't resent or anything, but it doesn't make it easier on her when I'm not as able to help her out as I would be were I well. I want to be well - for her, but also, for me too. I'm tired of everything being so hard, and I'm ready to force a change in my life, even if it's the hardest thing I've done.
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A neural Network   impersonated, among others, [personal profile] perverse_idyll  as a ron/hermione shipper:  ...

It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, followed by  Sirius/Remus and also seems to like  stories about Professor Snape trying to do rather ordinary things:

  • Severus Snape comes back to a night’s politics.
  • Severus has been through his lost remote.
  • Snape had a second thing, and that is better than anything for for the rest of his life.
(Just what is this '2nd thing'...?  I would like to know!)

Sometimes it even tried to use warnings, such as:

Better With The Broom Complicate by Margyn_Black
Tonks gets more than the best girl of creation. (Rated Maturisle, mark, a violence, contract) (slash] part of themes) ferret.


Well I don't feel like our 'careers' in as fanfic writers is in jeapordy anytie soon!!! :-D


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